Pooplogg is a disruptive waste management organization, with our operational and engagement strategy positioning us as a leader in our business space.

Our processes and value proposition are hinged on our fast-forward thinking concept which offers the market a tech-enabled App that delivers value to all. The first of its kind innovative platform offers speed, convenience, and flexibility to our clients, and is poised to deliver a new level of innovative waste management experience to the market. 

Pooplogg is an innovative end-to-end waste management solutions provider. We provide top-of-the-class waste management solutions with global best practices to the Mass market, Organised Residential Estates, Corporate Organisations, and Business Enterprises.


Be the leading technology-enabled waste management company, building environmental sustainability through innovation & global best-practices


We will deliver innovative waste management practices that improve quality of life, by impacting one community at a time.

These are a set of guiding principles that defines us and shapes every aspect of our business. We place a premium on our values throughout the step of our activities and relationships.


We will continue to leverage new thinking, initiative, and continuous improvement to stay ahead of the competition and new entrants.


We are bound by our words and stay true to our promise. We ensure transparency across the ecosystem and deliver global best practices in our operations.


We do not just move wastes – we do it efficiently, providing sustainability to the environment. We bring out good from waste.


Recognizing that teamwork delivers the best result. We work with our partners (Drivers, Households, Businesses, Government) to deliver the best value. We demonstrate commitment to our clients and to the society.

Why we Exist

We offer unique solutions to your liquid waste management through our tech-enabled App. The easily accessible interface unlocks a process that seamlessly manages your home, office, and business sewage needs with a well-designed solution and efficient customer service. In addition, you are assured of the health and safety of your environment and the world at large in our handling of wastes.

You can trust us with your wastes, as we are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment, and we are driven by the passion to drive environmental sustainability. 

We have a 100% commitment to environmental protection, waste-to-wealth vision, and zero waste possibility. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a uniquely sage and innovative solution to our stakeholders while contributing towards achieving a cleaner earth.

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