Our Services


PoopLogg Go 一 Instant Sewage disposal & sewage management!

Our services makes sewage disposal easy and seamless. We help you resolve the big

challenge of getting a reliable vendor when your soakaway / septic tank needs


We are a platform that provides fast and convenient access to sewage evacuation

anywhere in Lagos.

PoopLogg for Business - We take away the stress in managing sewage disposal

cycles and sewage infrastructure care across locations anywhere in Nigeria simultaneously, seamlessly!

PoopLogg for Business is our waste water management solution platform that helps companies better manage their sewage disposal operations and budget. It allows businesses to track sewage disposal operations and achieve clear visibility into sewage maintenance costs and activities.

PoopLogg for Business consists of three features :

1.Sewage disposal services

Get all in one solution that simplifies how your organization manages sewage disposal

across all your properties.


● Clean and odourless evacuation

● Sewage disposal cycle management

● Dedicated account manager

● E report & update on cost and volume of evacuations

● Appropriate and convenient billing system

● Pre evacuation alert

2. Sewage storage & channel maintenance services

You can get fast access to professional sewage storage and channel repair and

maintenance services conveniently

Highlighted .below are 4 categories of services you can enjoy

● General plumbing and maintenance

● Desludging of soakaway/septic tank

● Drainage clearing and evacuation

● Septic tank / soakaway repair

3. Sewage expenditure management 

Harness our reporting framework, gain in depth insight into your sewage disposal expenditure to inform decisions and budget allocation.

With this you can achieve

● Cost transparency;

● Cost reduction; and

● Comprehensive overview of wastewater associated expenses.

PoopLogg SmartSewer ™ - A virtual sewage management system 

Our cities lack centralized sewerage systems to adequately tackle sewage management. Our communities, cities and estates struggle to control and manage their sewage thereby polluting the environment and water bodies but this does not need to be our story anymore!

PoopLogg SmartSewer ™ is an innovative end to end sewage management solution built on PoopLogg’s proprietary technology platform. It can be deployed and operational in any city in Nigeria. In any city of deployment, we create jobs and help the appropriate authorities take real control of sewage.

A micro version of PoopLogg Smart Sewer ™ can be deployed in residential estates.

Whether apartments in the estate are self-managed or managed by an estate manager or association, residents can enjoy our environment friendly solutions. With our technology deployment, we work to eliminate the pollution of water bodies around the estate by ensuring each truck discharges sewage only at government authorized locations.

PoopLogg would analyse the sewage data from the estate as a whole to determine properties that may have leaking facilities that can poison the subsoil water of the estate.

We also protect the security of residents by sending only PoopLogg Truck Partners to our clients. Data of every transaction (including truck details) are kept by us in case of any issues.